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Dave Fielding (The Chameleons) Top Ten Influential Albums


Dave Fielding

Dave Fielding has never really been away from the music scene and he’s now welcomed back with open arms after dealing with his demons and has released an album of sonic scapes filled with ambience from that often described ‘sonic cathedral’ that The Chameleons had throughout their catalogue, which shines through. Just read the review of his debut album here where our own Stephen Canavan digs deep into the past of Dave and celebrates some serious sound. I finally track down Dave for a chat and he tells me his own top ten influential albums…

John Mayall: The World Of John Mayall

“I’ve always been into Blues music and one day in my early teens I saw this album which was part of a series ‘The World Of…’ and I played it to death, not realising he was a fellow Mancunian. The first record I ever bought. Genius.”

The Velvet Underground: Loaded

“Well, Andy Warhol put the band together and I could see how songs were created, and the great Lou Reed on vocals and Nico with her perfect voice to match. A pure classic”

Television: Marquee Moon

“I had never heard of them and saw the cover in Central Records in Middleton and bought it on the strength of that. Tom Verlain’s voice and the great guitar work blew my mind. Very original New York punk”

Jimi Hendrix: Axis – Bold As Love

“Well, probably the greatest and most original guitarist in the history of rock. Me and Reg (Smithies) played this all the time and never got tired of the genius and hidden LSD influenced gems”

Dr Feelgood: Live At The Southend Kursaal

“Wilko the main songwriter forced the record company to use to mics suspended from the ceiling of the venue and to ignore the mixing desk, They obviously weren’t happy but Wilko was right. Straight to Number One!”

Alternative TV: The Image Has Cracked

“This was a punk album with a difference and Mark Perry, editor of Sniffing Glue fanzine made one the most original albums of that era. The Chameleons usually did Splitting In Two as an encore. Brilliant album, especially the song Action, Time, Vision”

Mike Oldfield: Ommadawn

“After Tubular Bells which was so innovative of the time I thought, how can he follow this? Then he did with his second album. I love it. Music music music! Ommadawn is a musical journey that I still play today”

Lou Reed & John Cale: Songs For Drella

“Well, originality screams from this album. Two members of the acclaimed Velvet Underground made such a unique album, not expected and never replicated by anyone since. There is a video of the album too”

David Bowie: Hunky Dory

“Of all the Bowie albums this is my personal favourite. Me and Reg saw Ziggy Stardust at The Free Trade Hall in 1973 on June 23rd for 1:25 (25 shillings). I went from wanting to play for Manchester United to becoming a guitar player. We headlined the same venue in 1984 with Alternative TV and The Membranes”

Ramones: Ramones

“So influenced by Dr Feelgood but what a powerful live band. We saw them at The Apollo and one song after the other “One, two, three, four” was all they said. Me and Reg waited outside to meet them and they just walked past us and got on the bus. Pure power!”

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Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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