Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Stepford Wives:I Can't Fight - Single review

Stepford Wivesi-cant-fight-single-final
I Can’t Fight
Self Released 1st August
DL all available outlets

Straight outta Saddleworth come along another group that have caught the attention of the LTW ‘AF’ Carey radar to join the group of exciting Next Wave bands hitting the streets. And there’s a slight difference with this lot….

 Stepford Wives are a canny bunch. Take the two elder statesmen in the band Niklos Jackson – the teacher, and Dom Wint the web master. Mix it up with two music students who can’s even fuckin’ vote yet and you get a pile driver of a second single. The first single slipped by me (I’m only human) however this fully gets my attention. It kicks off with a funky ska guitar riff but unlike the ska punk scene from across the pond this is British through and through. It builds up into a massive guitar riff launching the chorus of “Someone told me I can’t fight” and a fuckin’ thunderous assault of machine gun drumming that pummels your head. You can hear the influences in their like Pixies, The Clash, you get my drift. Niklos knows how to pen an anthem and right now they’re back in the studio planning the follow up. 
This second single was recorded at Edge Recording Studio in Cheshire by producer John Delf and engineer Mark Winterburn (New Order, Lana Del Rey, Bugzy Malone, Plan B) 
Already a massive crowd favourite at live shows, I Can’t Fight is the perfect riposte for everyone that has put you down, passed you over or tried to tell you you’re not good enough. 
Stepford Wives’ debut single Follow This Way received universal praise, with consistent radio airplay, and has been added to multiple Spotify playlists, including Manchester Music Forever’s “This Is Manchester 2019” compilation. They were named Revolution 96.2’s “Featured Band” at the beginning of April. Revolution 96.2 DJ and MMTV presenter Dave Sweetmore said: “Everyone is talking about them.”
I Can’t Fight will cause a scene wherever it gets played this summer and beyond. Contact the band directly to discuss interviews, reviews and live appearances.
One of the best releases from the Next Wave this year! Check it out!

Stepford Wives are:
Niklos Jackson- Guitars/Vocals
Rowan Heywood – Bass/Vocals
Jarrod Ogden – Drums
Dom Wint – Guitar
Live Date:
Saturday 10th August: Indie Rocks! Radio Launch Party – Jimmy’s, Manchester.

Monday, 29 July 2019

The C33s: Big Winner - Single review.

The C33s are back with a bang after their last single Manic Depression which was debuted on Louder Than War not long ago and showed promise with it’s Tarantino style full on rush of mayhem from the Northern trio. Big Winner keeps it coming to show they’re not a flash in the pan, and if you’ve not seen em live yet, well get your fuckin’ shoes on and hit the pavements…
Since July 2018’s introductory EP (’48 Hours at Neon Palms’) and their live debut in October (Jimmy’s, Manchester), The C33s music has had an astounding effect: They’ve played some landmark venues and events (including tour dates with CABBAGE, King Tuts). The band have also picked up a record deal with These Bloody Thieves Records and signed with world-renowned X-Ray Touring. 
Their April debut single, ‘Manic Depression’, earned amazing reactions and wide radio play including BBC Radio 1 (Huw Stephens), BBC Radio 6 (Chris Hawkins), XS Manchester (Mike Joyce) and Amazing Radio (Jim Gellatly).
Not resting on their laurels this group are touring hard and get more incendiary with every live performance. Last time I saw them about the crowd were going bonkers and when they aired this song, it just blew up. Big Winner follows on from the excellent Manic Depression back in April and just hits you from the start. Produced by Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios it’s got the spirit of Lemmy running straight through it with that riff from Cav Green, and the backing vocals from Judy Jones are barking mad to up the sound, along with that fuck off bass from Ste Phillips. A cracking rumble that shows you there are bands around that have been taking note of the last wave of Northern bands that have lit up the scene. Fuck you average indie shit here, this is straight up dirty rock n roll taking slices of that sleazy garage sound from the likes of the early grunge scene recorded in dank cellars back in Seattle before the scene exploded. A breath of fresh air, punk as fuck. The shit’s hitting the fan…
Release Date: 19th July on These Bloody Thieves Records available on all the usual formats.

Live Dates
9-11 – Celebration Days Festival, France 
17th – August Cotton Clouds Festival, Oldham 
12th – Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester 
16th – The Cookie, Leicester w/ Catholic Action 
17th – 60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth w/ Catholic Action 
18th – Dark Horse Moseley, Birmingham w/ Catholic Action 
20th – Heartbreakers Bar/ Venue, Southampton w/ Catholic Action 
22nd – Purple Turtle, Reading w/ Catholic Action 
23rd – Moles, Bath w/ Catholic Action 
24th – Bedford Esquires, Bedford w/ Catholic Action 
25th – Surfcafe Tynemouth, Tynemouth w/ Catholic Action 

Dirty Laces: Back Of The Line - new single


Dirty Laces
Back Of The Line
Out now on Turnt Records

Dirty Laces are back with a new indie rocker that ticks all the boxes. Following on from the infectious Moving Pictures EP this one kicks off with a nice guitar rush blending in an uber cool funked up bass line, then crashes into a speedy drum fest backed by Charlie Jordan’s distinctive vocals, then some sleek John Squire-esque guitar licks to hold it all together. They just up a level with each song and can only get stronger if they keep coming out with stuff like this! Definitely going for the indie Manc title contenders this year.
“Back of the Line is about escaping the mundane,” according to the band’s bassist, Tom Edwards. “Getting away from ordinary day-to-day life, conformity, and searching for something that allows you to express yourself. To find a sense of freedom and autonomy… new ventures, a lust for life. It’s very forward-thinking and positive.”
Dirty Laces are already making waves on the scene, landing support slots with Peter Doherty, bagging slots with some of the major festivals this year. And to top all that they have an ace homecoming headline gig with support from the excellent Riding The Low, who are fronted by non other than Paddy Considine from Dead Mans Shoes and Peaky Blinders fame. A gig definitely not to be missed on my calendar!
The band, consisting of Charlie Jordan (Vocals), Luke Dec (Guitars), Tom Edwards (Bass), Jacob Simpson (Guitars / BV’s) & Luke O’Reilly (Drums), are a five-piece Rock ‘N’ Roll act from Manchester.

The single is available now released by Turnt Records.

Live Dates:

Friday 16th / 17th August: Cotton Clouds Festival.
Friday 6th September: Gorilla, Manchester (with support from Riding The Low).
Official Website: https://www.dirtylaces.band

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

The San Pedro Collective: The Demon Sessions - EP Review

Photo Credit - Paul Husband

The San Pedro Collective
Demon Sessions EP
Blindside Records
DL all available platforms
Out now
What would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning, The Hacienda was open as usual, Sankeys Soap was still thriving, and the sweat was still pouring down the walls at The Thunderdome? What if a load of experienced musicians and characters got together to make a KLF like collaboration with no knowledge of where this will take them? Well Manchester and the rest of the world, enter the realms of Rikki Turner and co. It’s gonna blow your mind…
San Pedro is a new project of Rikki Turner, the mastermind behind several Manchester electronic outfits such as The Paris AngelsThe New Southern Elektrik and The Hurt. A large collective named after the Californian town where Turner’s favourite writer, Charles Bukowski lived out his final days, San Pedro consists of musicians, DJ’s, writers, poets, artists and singers based in the UK, mainland Europe and America.  So far we know about singer/songwriter Millie MacBean known for her ethereal vocals, Suddi Raval (ex member of rave duo Together, best known for their hit “Hardcore Uproar” that went to the top of the national charts in 1990), Simon Wolstencroft (The Fall, Ian Brown, The Stone Roses, Johnny Marr and Freak Party), Keith Higgins (former member of The Hunt), Justin Leonard, Martin McClaren, poet Karl Hildebrandt and Antnee Egerton of The Winachi Tribe.
The lead track The Things You See kicks it all off in proper rave style, camera shot clicking sound effects, with Millie’s vocals bossing it over a storming electro house soundtrack. It’s from the same school as Sneaker Pimps or maybe Moloko, the difference being is that the sound is fuckin massive. This track should surely be a floor filler in clubs around the planet.
Next up is a Winachi Tribe remix of the same track, proper pumped up high to fuck you up even more. It’s a massive tune sprinkled with disco biscuits by Antnee Egerton from The Tribe who know a thing or two about the funk business. Theme from San Pedro is a techno classic that 808 State or A Guy Called Gerald would be proud of. The 303’s are squelching all over the place, I’m throwing some shapes just thinking about it. Just pure acid house vibes that bring that those heady days of the Manc Summer Of Love. Fuckin tune!
Last but not least is the amazing The View From The Drowning Pool which introduces professional Manc gobshite Karl Hildebrandt on vocals. His dark poetry is becoming a hit on the streets at the moment and this is where he excels himself, spoken word from the bowels of his heart over a top as fuck in your face trance hitter. Again the sound is massive. There’s not enough stuff around like this anymore. Could it be the start of a new rave culture? Who knows? If there’s a collective to light that touch paper going into 2020 this is it. The time of the house / electro anthem looks to be back.
Check out the amazing video directed by Kate M Bennett co owner of Blindside Records. Massive.

Listen on Spotify