Friday, 3 August 2018

Road To Rebellion live review

The Road To Rebellion – The Salty Dog Northwich.
Tuesday 31st July.
The Queers.
He Who Cannot Be Named.
The Attack.
Pardon Us.
As Rebellion Festival is getting closer hundreds of bands are warming up in the smaller venues across the country in anticipation of the UK’s biggest punk get together that is still thriving in Blackpool. Wayne Carey hits his local venue to take in four of the acts heading to the seaside soundclash.
The Salty Dog is fastly becoming the place to be for bands new and old to tread the circuit and has started attracting the Rebellion mob after being open for just over a year. Tonight I get talking to a few heads in the crowd that are heading to Blackpool and are whetting their appetite with a taster of these bands, three of them coming over from the USA.
First up are newcomers Pardon Us from Liverpool. They steam straight in with their power pop punk sound and sound like they’re enjoying every moment. They thank The Queers for giving them the chance of a support and do a short set of song mainly about Tories. Lead vocalist Morgan seems to have problems with one of his guitar strings but seems to persevere and just tells his guitar to fuck off. Good start.
The Attack hail from Florida and pack a punch with their tight punk set mostly from their last album On Condition. It’s a straight up performance and tracks like Skeleton and Sons & Daughters stand their own. As does new track Bad Guys which makes for what may be a promising new album in the pipeline.
Now it all gets a bit strange… He Who Cannot Be Named was guitarist in punk legends Dwarves and even faked his own death at one point. Tonight he treats us to an acoustic set and it’s fucking funny! Songs about Hate, killing, hating kids, eating babies is all the norm for him apparently? He comes up with lines like ‘Saturday night, wrote my life story on a brick, does a love song section in his own warped way and a quite disturbing song called Duct Tape Love (I’ll let you work that one out). All this in his personally modelled gimp mask and black Y-fronts. Brilliant stuff.
The Queers are no stranger to the Rebellion crowd. They have been around for years now and their brand of Americana Ramones style punk is still as loud and strong as ever. They do a set full of crowd pleasers including the excellent Fuck The World which gets the fist pumping and clapping going, even the grumpy as fuck old school punk stood near me eventually smiles. They can command the crowd with thei large back catalogue and give us some favourites like Granola Head and I Hate Everything. The three main band members are all donned in their trade mark baseball caps and are really going for it. They are joined onstage by another guitarist who looks like he’s been drafted in from a metal band up the road, donned in a Queers t-shirt and rocking out like fuck. They pull off a great version of Motherfucker and do the obligatory cover of Wipeout which was featured on the film Surfs Up. And they even said the immortal line ‘Thank You Norwich’!! It’s a great way to warm up for Rebellion and they did the Northwich punk contingent proud tonight.
Rebellion stage times:
Thursday 2nd August.
Pardon Us – Rebellion Introducing Stage – 11.45am.
He Who Cannot Be Named – Almost Acoustic Stage – 9.55pm.
The Queers – Club Casbah – 10.10pm.
Saturday 4th August.
The Attack – Arena Stage – 3.00pm,

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