Friday, 13 January 2017

This blog has had to be done because of a fucking great band from Mossley called Cabbage. I've even named the blog after one of their tunes which made me piss when I heard the lyrics and describes many floppy hat twat flare wearing joker who walked like a monkey in the early nineties. I was actually there when all this happened and would like to share my experience from a music junkies point of view when the Manchester scene kicked off big time. I will try to give you an insight to every kind of music coming out at this time but would also like to give you some funny stories and a history of the Manchester scene way before Madchester even kicked in. I am not a music historian but know my stuff (so I've been told) and hope to make you laugh and hopefully reminisce in some of the scenarios I have been in. The photos will make you smile when I finally dig them out! Enjoy!

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