Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Brief History Of Time (Its All About Me)

From the start. I was born in May 1970 in Harpurhey on Factory Lane (ironic or what?) to parents from Harpurhey and Lower Broughton in Salford so I think that qualifies me a Mancunian! We relocated to Langley Estate in Middleton in 1972 where my journey starts. My first experience with vinyl was walking around the house with a 12in record under my arm which I called a cocord. My mum swore that this was the time they knew I was a music nutter. The first song I really liked was Nellie The Elephant by The Toy Dolls which I first heard at one of my uncle Phils at his house in Harpurhey. 
The next song I heard which blew me away at the age of 8 or 9 was I Shot The Sheriff by Bob Marley. I think that song was the one that touched me and got me into the power of tunes.

Back to my house on Langley, my uncle Bob knew I loved music and brought me an LP which I thought was from another world. This album was David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. This was probably the moment I turned into a music junkie.
From then on I listened to the Top 40, bought Smash Hits and soaked in anything I liked. The music I preferred at the time was The Specials, Bad Manners, Selecta, The Beat, The Jam typical MOD stuff before I knew it was MOD! Thw early eighties brought some gem bands like Teardrop Explodes, The Thompson Twin, Adam & The Ants, Ian Dury etc. I suppose I was drawn to quality and hated the typical pop shit from an early age. Anyway, that's the early stages of my love of music and I will tell you more about the the next stage which may make you cringe but also may make you think I have a very open mind. If this is boring you, please let me know!!

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