Thursday, 16 May 2019

Obeid Gallery Launch - Northwich.

What a way to launch the Dead Dead Good Weekend by opening an art gallery to celebrate all things Manc?
Mark Radcliffe (pictured with gallery/coffee shop managers Zoe Corker and Abda) starts the ball rolling with a top speech, down to earth as fuck and a genuine guy who I admire highly (he played my bands single on Signal Radio back in the day) Wayne Carey gets an invite to see some of the excellent works of all things arty in the music business.
It’s not all about the music you know. Yes it fuckin is! No it’s fuckin not! I’m arguing with meself now. Joking apart, some of the artwork by the people who love music is stunning. Photography, personal artwork, smashing vinyl, it’s all here. Let me take you through some of this amazing shit.
First up is a great picture of Mr Manchester, Anthony H Wilson. It looks grainy and gritty just like the times he lived through with the Factory Records era, Joy Division, The Happy Mondays, you know the story. Wanker or Wonder. Opinions are divided but he made Manchester music a hallmark in everyone’s lives and deserves the worldwide credit. Created by Ian Hill Smith.
An inspiring picture from the moment James and The Charlatans got together for a series of gigs last year. The epitomy of two great Manchester bands in one shot. Tim Burgess the ambassador of Northwich and Tim Booth, the crazy frontman who still holds his own live on stage. I miss his hair though! Created by Charlotte Wellings.
I had to put two in here. Top one is an iconic pic of the great Ian Brown. Perfection going on here. I’ve got to say though if I had some fuckin money the Mark E Smith one would be mine. An excellent portrait with the added touch of a glowing fag to make the whole piece stand out. £250 quid if you want it ( or give me a sub or loan and I’ll buy it!). Created by Stone Icon (aka Dave Atkins).
This is the sort of picture Paul Husband creates. He’s one of the best photographers to come out of Manchester in my eyes. His pictures have a gothic feel and a texture of their own. When you see any photo of a band by Paul Husband you know it’s his. Very distinctive like the stuff Kevin Cummins presented to us. On his own and a true artist.
Last but not least is an artist who fucks all over everyone. I first met him at a Cabbage art exhibition in Manchester and thought he was a maniac. Kneeling over, wearing a vest, smashing vinyl with a hammer in his hand. I was scared until I spoke to him. A true gentleman who also happens to manage one of my favourite bands The Pagans S.O.H. West Country boy with a heart of gold who creates stunning pictures with broken vinyl. I’ve even got a Mark E Smith one in my writing room. You ask him, he’ll create it. The name is Kirk Hendrix Whitehouse. Remember that….
Clockwise from bottom: Wayne Carey, Kirk Hendrix Whitehouse, Paul Husband, Stone Icon.
And what better way to end the night having a laugh in The Salty Dog with three of the artists? Why not? Special thanks to Zoe Corker for curating the whole event and all the staff that helped out. The Dead Dead Good Weekend starts here!!
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