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Evil Blizzard: The Worst Show On Earth - album review.

Ey up people! Get your ears round this album!!

Evil Blizzard
WSOE front cover_preview
The Worst Show On Earth
Release Date: 26th June 2018
Louder Than War Bomb Rating 5
Evil Blizzard crawl out of Preston, and deliver their third album which is clown shoes and epitomises the Spinal Tap review ‘Shit sandwich’. Wayne Carey reports the torment….

Who the fuck do these guys think they are? Dressing up like nonces and a bloke dressed like a pig trying to look hard with a few big knives? Fuckin’ Boy George scares me more! The one with the mop should make a comeback and sweep up this sorry messs…
Joking apart this third album from Preston’s finest delivers on every level. When Everybody Come To Church came out a few years back you’d have thought they couldn’t get any darker or menacing. This 8 track stunner proves me wrong. It opens  like a soundtrack to a horror film before evolving into a belting rhythm of drums and bass, then more bass as it cranks up the volume with amazing guitar effects you thought couldn’t be made with a bass guitar. Hello is as powerful an opener as Are You Evil was and doesn’t stop here. Blizz fans will have heard the glam stomp of Fast Forward Rewind and it is becoming a live favourite as I witnessed at The Ritz earlier this month. Unleash The Misery is like a menacing nursery rhyme you’d use to keep your kids in order as Side sneers the lines ‘with half an ounce of avarice and half a stone of spice’ like a whispering Ozzy, and then sprawls into a pysch stomper with bollocks. Those We Left Behind continues the assault and has a nice surprise in the chorus as you can actually hear a tinge of a more rockier Embrace going on which was probably planted by that McNamara bloke! Like A God chugs away into a Sabbath mantra and you just know these freaks can play and fuck about with that bass. Blizzpig plays a big part on this album as there are lots of synth effects going on throughout the show. Stand out track is a pure blast of 2 minute speedpunk, namechecking FilthyDirty and the Blizz Family and totally blows me away with its Motorhead meets the Ramones stylee. Then comes the obligatory dub pysch 12 minuter which is what they do best. Slow building into a dark rock cracker reminiscent of Whalebomb. Closer, The Worst Show On Earth is eerie as fuck and crashes out into an apocalyptic storm and insane German ramblings which Stoko from the band explained to me. You work it out…
The whole point of Blizz is they’re not trying to be different or groundbreaking. They’re just doing amazing stomping Black Sabbath tinged hard rock shit which is what the people are missing. They glam up in their weird costumes and masks, play fucked up bass driven tunes and just wanna rock like fuck for their own pleasure and our displeasure. They write great tunes that worm their way into your head and batter your senses. It’s all about the stomp rock that drags you in.
Another album of the year by a mile!

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Tour Dates:

Tickets on sale

Saturday 9th June – Blitz, Preston, UK.
Saturday 16th June – Stoke Prior Sports & Country Club, Bromsgrove, UK.
Saturday 30th June – Sunday 1st July – Jesstival 2018.
Saturday 7th July – The Hairy Dog, Derby, UK.
Saturday 27th October – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK.
Friday 14th December – Manchester Academy 3, UK.
Words by Wayne Carey. His author profile is here and you can catch his blog here.

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