Monday, 27 March 2017

New Manc Band Alert!! Calvadore.

Sorry folks! Had a break in Wales and my blog has been ignored!
Back to business then. I've discovered a new band from Stockport (what is in the water around there nowadays?) called Calvadore. They describe themselves as Soft Rock to make your Sausage Pop! They recently sent me a copy of their first recordings which sound great in a wonky way which caught my ears. I'm not allowed to review the full demo but will mention two tracks which have caught my attention and should place them on the Manc map. Get Out has a nice Supergrass feel and has the potential to be a live anthem when they finally get the attention they deserve. Jake Parker has a unique vocal which oozes with fag infected rawness and comes across with a Gaz Coombes crossed with Tom Waits effect. The guitar noodling has major potential and hits the spot nicely. The other track I rate is Property Of The Coroner. It sounds like they have been feeding on a diet of Super Furry Animals! The lyrics are obviously drug related in a Golden Brown / There She Goes style. Cracking chorus going on there and could be a smash. Definitely a band to watch in the new post punk Manc arena! Keep your ears peeled!

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